BFF # 178 It Is What It Is (Free Rant)

I don’t generally use my blog as place to rant, but today I really have to get a few things off of my chest. I am sure we all have things that annoy us and hopefully you’ll find something below where you can relate. Let’s see, where shall I begin:

1. When it’s raining out, why do people forget how to drive? Just a thought, but you might want to consider driving just a bit slower, because the rest of us on the road would like to get home in one piece.

2. This goes out to the two drivers last week who insisted on passing me up going 90 and 100mph. (These cars were going so fast I couldn’t even read their license plates.) What were you so late for that you practically had to wipe out two vehicles in order to get there? 

3. What would it take to have a lunch hour where I didn’t have to listen to the replays of various reality shows that I go out of my way to not watch? Does anyone ever read a book anymore?

4. It would be really nice if just for once I could walk down the aisle any of my local stores and not have to deal with someone standing in the middle of the aisle either talking on their cellphone or to someone else. Hello! Are you that oblivious that you can’t see someone wants to get by you? Apparently so.

5. And why we’re at it…parents, if you can’t control your kids, please leave them at home. Stores are not a playground!

6. I would really appreciate it if everyone who’s been talking $hit about me would stop. How can you possibly have an opinion of me when you don’t even know me?

7. I pride myself on being a great writer. I rarely, if at all, say anything derogatory. I try to be positive most of the time. As a book/product reviewer, if I like or don’t like something, I am always fair and diplomatic in my reviews. But what peeves me more than anything is when I see my comments on various fan sites missing. You want us to comment, but then mine are being deleted? Way to make your fans feel special guys! This is almost as bad as being ignored by your high school graduating class.

8. Who’s reviewing television ads these days? I am actually offended by some of the ones I’ve seen lately. I actually encourage my husband to change the channel when some of these are on. FYI…I really dislike channel surfing, but I dislike these offensive commercials even more.

With that being said, I have just one more thing to add. If there was ever a phrase that has become more over used, it’s this one: “It is what it is”. Please folks! Could we say something like “Hello, Captain Obvious!” instead.

Can you tell I’m annoyed yet!

Wishing you moments of free ranting!

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