Updates from a Busy Working Woman

My life has been really busy lately. I have been writing for another publication, Associated Content. Posted several new articles out there, mostly recipes, but have a new regular article as well.

I have had some major distractions on my days off from the winery. But after discussions from key people in my life, I think those are finally cleared up.

My biggest challenge is the follow up to the writing. Sometimes it takes a very long time just to complete the articles that it leaves very little time to promote them. Since I have to many different websites that I post in, it’s almost impossible to keep all up-to-date.

The second biggest challenge to the writing is trying to expand my audience. With all the different sites I have, I worry that I may bombard my friends and family with the same articles/columns that I write. I can only hope that they all will forgive me and pass on the information to others.

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