A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch Series) by Debora Geary

A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch Series) Book Cover A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch Series)
Debora Geary

Finally, we're getting to find out what happens with Marcus and Morgan, but first we have to me Cassidy Farrell, and she is a remarkable woman! I love reading about strong women who have great talents. 
Cassidy is a world renowned Celtic fiddler and she is winding down her current tour to take a much needed rest. (I know how she feels, being dedicated to your craft is exhausting at times!)
Marcus, on the other hand, is somewhat of a curmudgeon, set in his ways, and a bonafide bachelor with a cute little tiny baby girl named Morgan. He's doing just fine with his life until Cassidy comes along. Then his whole world turns upside down...again. 
When Cassidy rolls into town, she's called by the rocks, but it is the music that speaks thru her and out to others, including wee Adam.I just love all these books by Debora Geary. Some have spoken to me more than others and this is one of them. Music and the arts have always been an important part of my life and A Celtic Witch speaks volumes. Not only does Cassidy have a tremendous gift, but she shows someone very special that he has a gift as well. 
The relationship that develops between Marcus and Cassidy is delightfully charming as they dance around each other until they no longer can deny their feelings. The question begs though, will Cassidy go out on the road again, or will Marcus find a way to get her to stay. You'll have to read A Celtic Witch to find out! BTW...if you have not read any of the preceding books in the Modern Witch Series, you'll need to go back and read them first. They all play off of each other and will make this story more enjoyable!