A Child for Christmas by Allison Leigh

A Child for Christmas Book Cover A Child for Christmas
Allison Leigh
Harlequin Books

Welcome back to the Clay Family. We're just in time for the holidays as Sawyer Clay returns home after suffering an accident on the job and now has amnesia. Rescued by his brother Jefferson, he heads back to the Double C Ranch to rest, recuperate and to get his memory back. Only remembering some feelings as of yet, he has to figure out what he wants to do with his life.
In the meantime, he goes to see the town doc, Rebecca Morehouse, to get help and finds himself instantly drawn to her. While he fights his memory loss, there is just something about her that makes him feel again. Secretly, Rebecca knows the truth as to why he feels the connection but spends the better part of the book trying to fight it, if only to save the heartache of her son (SPOILER ALERT: who happens to be Sawyer's son).
Little things continue to nag at him, his annoyance for his father, the looks that his brother's wives give their husbands, and his ever noticeable headaches. Sawyer moves out of the house, off the ranch, and into the motel, currently owned by Rebecca. This gives him an opportunity to spend more time with her and to figure out the whys.
I think that Ms. Leigh does a good job in building the character's tension, but leaves out some of the back story between Sawyer and Rebecca and Sawyer and the family. Perhaps it would have been more advantageous on my part to read the entire series from start to finish instead of individual reads. I think I would have found more satisfaction if I had done the former. In either case, the events that lead to the exciting climax also needed more details, but most of all, the title, in my opinion, was a tad misleading. Or perhaps it isn't since I am reading this books individual and out of sequence? I think I will leave that up to the readers.