A Different Witch by Debora Geary

A Different Witch Book Cover A Different Witch
Debora Geary

Landler was doing very well on her own. She had her own coven in her
own little corner of the world. Everything was just fine. That is until
Lauren and Jamie crash her place, and her life has not been the same
is different...and not just a different witch but different altogether.
Now she needs to learn how to be "A Different Witch" and feel good
about it. So with the support of her partner, she's off to California to
find out more.Unfortunately, once she gets there, she doesn't fit in
all to well. Nell can't relate to her. Beth feels uncomfortable around
everyone except for Aervyn and no one can figure out how to talk to her
without saying something wrong. Forget about teaching her.
Beyond this, I will say no more about the story.
venture to say that this is probably not my most favorite book of the
series, just okay. There wasn't a whole lot of build up into this one. I
suppose it's because it touched on a subject I am not very familiar
with - Asperger's. It just didn't have the excitement to sweep me away
as in the other books.
commend Ms. Geary for incorporating a topic that is rarely discussed if
at all, and put into a fictional story no less. I give her points for
doing that. Unfortunately, for me, A Different Witch was in a word...boring.