A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch Series) by Debora Geary

A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch Series) Book Cover A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch Series)
Debora Geary

Question: Take a grumpy bachelor and a sweet little baby girl and what do you get? Answer: A Nomadic Witchby Debora Geary.
Marcus Buchanan has been a recluse for a long time. He lost his brother over 40 years ago to the mists. Evan was a traveler, but know one knew much about them at the time. He so young and Marcus was devastated that he couldn't save him. In fact, not many people know about astral travelers, but the witching community is about to discover some really important finds. Evan, however, wants Marcus to stop hiding and star living. So, he's about to get a huge wake-up call!
Morgan was left on Marcus' doorstep and she's everything a baby is but unfortunately, she has a lot in common with his brother Evan. Marcus has spent the better part of his life not living. Now that Morgan has shown up, he has no idea what to do, either with her or himself. The witching community divides and conquers Marcus' heart and slowly he learns to open himself up again.
There were moments in the story where I found myself actually laughing. Seeing a grown, lonely and long since determine to be single guy take care of a cute little tiny baby. Classic, with a witchy twist! Set almost entirely in Nova Scotia and the Realm (you'll have to read the books to find out what that is!), Marcus adjusts to life with a baby, and along the way he learns that he must do everything he can to protect his girl-child with special gifts. As a babe she has no idea what she is doing, especially when she takes one of the other young witchlings along for the ride with her.
With the help of the town, the family and even Evan, Marcus races through the astral planes to save both little girls. When he returns, he realizes what he needs to do and that is to go find his brother and learn the truth about the astral world. Surely little Morgan, with the lavender eyes, is worth it.
Each story that Ms. Geary reveals only intensifies my love for these characters. The plots become more intricate and weave the characters tighter and tighter so that it becomes almost impossible to put the book down. The other night I actually had to tell my husband I had to go back and finish reading a previous story because I had to find out what happened to Grandma! Don't worry, nothing happens to her in this book, but you if you haven't read any of the Modern Witch Series books, you better start now!