A Time to Love (Quilts of Lancaster County, Book 1) by Barbara Cameron

A Time to Love (Quilts of Lancaster County, Book 1) Book Cover A Time to Love (Quilts of Lancaster County, Book 1)
Barbara Cameron

Sometimes when I want to get back to the simple things in life, I will pick up a book about Amish Life and read it. While A Time to Love, by Barbara Cameron may be a work of fiction, it teaches us about what is really important in life...love and family.
Jenny has come home, at least the only real home she has ever known. She needs to heal, physically, mentally and spiritually. She's been severely injured and now all she needs is time...to rethink, recover, and reacquaint herself with someone from her past.
Her grandmother is here to help her and also the neighbor, Matthew. Jenny remembers Matthew from oh so long ago. He was her first crush. But now how can she possibly be anything to anyone since the accident. Despite the disapproval from the elders in the Amish community. Jenny befriends Matthew and his young family. She learns along the way the sometimes the more simple things in life are the ones that matter the most.
Ms. Cameron has done such a wonderful job with portraying what could be a very sad and disheartening event in someone's life and turned it into one filled with hope and reaffirmation that God does have a plan for each and every one of us and that me must listen to Him.
If you are looking for a way to decompress from all the stresses of life, then perhaps this is the book to read. It sends a simple, yet effective message to the readers: rejoice in the fact that love and family are two of the most important things in life. Everything else is a distance third or fourth.  
Oh and I don't want to forget the nice extra touches...the recipes!