A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder

A Total Waste of Makeup Book Cover A Total Waste of Makeup
Kim Gruenenfelder

Sometimes you just have to read a book for the sake of just reading a book save for the fact that you need an escape. This is just that book. While I was not overly impressed with it, A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder allowed me to forget about my own problems for awhile and let me concentrate on Charlize "Charlie" Edwards issues.
Going back and reviewing the book now for details and substance just left me flat. As I sit here and struggle with what to say, maybe that's the whole point. Maybe the story is not suppose to be anything more than a helpful distraction from one's everyday life.
Not everyone is going to be as lucky as Charlie who happens to own her own home, have a great job and fabulous friends. But such as it is, Charlie is writing a book of advice for her great grandneice and the pearls of wisdom she shares are not completely far off the mark.
Her antics with finding a man are a bit much, but let's face it, the story takes place in L.A. so I guess some women in L.A. act like that.I think that some of the funniest moments were her interactions with her boss, Drew Stantion, the movie star. His ever changing decor of his trailer and home was OTT and honestly, hilarious.
While I didn't think this was an absolute must have for anyone's library, I will say that A Total Waste of Makeup wasn't a total waste of time, if you take it for a distraction from your own life.