A White Cougar Christmas by Eliza Gayle

A White Cougar Christmas Book Cover A White Cougar Christmas
Eliza Gayle

Ok, I can truly admit this...A White Cougar Christmas falls into the category of "What Was I Thinking?!?!". I have no earthly idea why I picked out this book. Let me say that although the idea of a "shape shifter" is appealing and different for me, I need more than 19 pages to get behind the concept. This book was too short and while it was quick to get to the point...wait, what was the point! If it was just purely for the sex, then I must say that it was rather boring in that department.
I can't help but wonder if this book was part of a much larger story that wasn't finished yet and the author just decided to pull out these pages and publish it as a very short story. As it is, the characters are aching to reveal more of themselves and are unable to do so in the short expanse of these few pages. Seeing how this has been a year filled with vampires, werewolves and the like, perhaps Ms. Gayle will follow that lead and let us read the bigger story. In the meantime, this one can wait.