Accidental Romance (The Challenge Series) by Jessica E. Subject

Accidental Romance (The Challenge Series) Book Cover Accidental Romance (The Challenge Series)
Jessica E. Subject

This book, Accidental Romance by
Jessica E. Subject was not quite what I had expected. I would say I was
shocked after I started reading, but at least Ms. Subject ripped the
band-aid off quickly and I got through the gruesome part rather quickly. However, I was somewhat disappointed. 
so her boyfriend is a jerk and after one to many phone calls, it's
over. She's distracted and doesn't follow proper farm equipment
procedures and then...well, you'll have to read what happens. 
someone goes through an accident such as what Leanne had, then I would
expect more of a grieving process rather than practically jumping into
the arms of the farm help. "Now wait a minute!" you might be saying.
"Let's step back a bit!" Nope! So sorry, but I am not buying it.