An O’Brien Family Christmas

An O'Brien Family Christmas Book Cover An O'Brien Family Christmas

And we continue on with Sherryl Wood's O'Brien Family as they head to Ireland to spend Christmas where Grandma Nell was born and raised. I love this family and feel like I am one of the friends that gets to tag along on their adventures and be a part of their lives


This story is about Matthew O'Brien and Laila Riley, two of the unlikeliest people to ever get together. He's a playboy architect and she is a banker. While they secretly had a relationship in a previous book, they broke up because Laila's father did not approve of the relationship. Laila quit her job at the family bank because her father didn't want her to be there anyway and went out on her own to do something else.


But this novel is just about those two, it's also about Nell. She is finally home in her beloved Ireland and reconnects with a former friend. Her son, Mick is none to pleased about it. But this is Nell we're talking about and Nell is the matriarch of the family. Whatever Nell wants, Nell gets.


Matthew and Laila are on this trip to see if they can reconnect their relationship without the interference of well-meaning family. Each has their own goals for the trip and it is interesting to see how it all unfolds.