Blond with a Wand

Blond with a Wand Book Cover Blond with a Wand

Here's something fun...Blonde with a Wand. Vicki Lewis Thompson gets my vote for fun and cheeky. Plus it fulfills my witchy desires of the week!
When Anica learns that her new boyfriend is a jerk, she uses old magic to turn him into...of all things...a black cat! Then she discovers that she can't turn him back because she's lost her magic. Whoops! Now she must figure out how to get him to turn back all on his own.
Sometimes I am just looking for a book to help me escape from all of the daily pressures of life. This one definitely filled the bill. I found myself laughing all the time at the antics of "Jasper" the cat and the things that Anica did to try to turn him into a mortal again.
Definitely a fast, fun read and if you really want something light-hearted...this is the book for you.