Born Standing Up

Born Standing Up Book Cover Born Standing Up

I’ve always enjoyed Steve Martin on the big/small screen. I read a couple of his books years ago, but I really couldn’t get into them. His style of writing didn’t really interest me. However, when I read his autobiography, Born Standing Up, which chronicles his early years as a stand-up comedian and writer, I came away with a better understanding of the man behind the comedy.

It must have been difficult growing up in a home trying to please a parent; never doing enough to garner praise. While I can’t really relate, on some strange level, I can. He worked from a very young age growing his education with each job he performed; similar to me.

I am always interested in reading about celebrities because what we see on television or the big screen is never who they really are. They all start out as regular people, but somehow, they fall into circumstances that make them larger than life.

Steve Martin lived larger than life at the height of his comedic run, but the truth of what the life was really like is definitely an eye opener.

I recommend reading this book for a real dose of reality during a time when reality shows didn’t exist.