Capital Magic by Mindy Klasky

Capital Magic Book Cover Capital Magic
Mindy Klasky

air up a witch and a sphinx and what do you get? It's the next book by Mindy Klasky, Capital Magic featuring Jane Madison and introducing, Sarah Anderson as the Sphinx, an ancient protector of vampires.
What have I got myself into? I swore I wasn't going to read any books with vampires in them, and what do I do, I read one anyway. It wasn't on purpose though, I just wanted to find out what Jane was going to do now that she's given her notice to the Peabridge Library and has to move out. Is she really going to start that school with David and move in with him or not? She can't decide just yet.
Sarah Anderson is a night clerk for the District of Columbia Night Court. Stopping by the bakery, she overhears Jane talking about what she wants to do with the rest of  her life. Sensing some sort of connection, Sarah reaches out to Jane asking for assistance with a project involving books. Jane is intrigued so she decides to investigate.Little did Jane know what she was getting herself into. Magically books, vampires, and a sphinx! Fortunately Jane has Neko to help her and of course, David is always a frantic call away.
The good news is that this book is a really fast read. And, I am very happy to report that I didn't completely abhor it because of the vampire aspect. In fact, I hardly noticed it at all because it just seemed to fit. The best part was reading the awesome scene where Sarah goes up against a really strong vampire and defeats her! Nothing like seeing a strong woman beating the odds! Loved that part the most!