Chocolate Kisses (Redford Falls) by Darlene Fredette

Chocolate Kisses (Redford Falls) Book Cover Chocolate Kisses (Redford Falls)
Darlene Fredette

Chocolate Kisses (Redford Falls) by Darlene Fredette was a bit more enjoyable for me due to in part, well a big part, because of the chocolate! Candace Cane is in big trouble! Santa has laryngitis and won't be able to visit her shop for the next several days. The town of Redford Falls was suffering due to the Mega Mall that moved in nearby and now that Santa was not coming this could be the end of hope for all the children. Doing all she can by helping at the Inn and running her Chocolate Shop, finding a Santa is probably the most important thing she needs to do right now, but where? Enter Jackson Frost...her husband.
Unfortunately Jackson doesn't remember marrying Candi and now he has a problem. Too bad for him because he got what he deserved. Bragging to his friends and all, I don't blame Candi for doing what she did.When he finally passed out, she walked out and never looked back. Now he needs a divorce after all this time. Well she needs a Santa so ha ha ha Jackson, how about a trade?
The only bad part of this book is the choice of names by the author Darlene Fredette. Candi Cane, Jackson Frost, Mindy-Lou, George Haley, Virginia, Rudy, Mr. Marley, Mrs. Potter and Uncle Billy...seriously I think Ms. Fredette failed in the creativity of naming her characters because you can't get the references past someone who is a seasoned Christmas expert! I've seen all the movies where she has taken the original names and put her spin on them.
Add in a few background stories and Chocolate Kisses (Redford Falls) by Darlene Fredette is not half bad. Each chapter is entitled with a fun name and carries the chocolate theme throughout the book.