Coven by Christmas, The Mystics Series Book 2 by Heidi Hall

Coven by Christmas, The Mystics Series Book 2 Book Cover Coven by Christmas, The Mystics Series Book 2
Heidi Hall

Rory has ended up in a town called Mystic, Oregon, become a new business owner and has learned that she is a witch from a long line of witches. What's next? She has to establish her own coven, and soon.
Not really sure of all this magic stuff, she's still trying to figure it all out. Unfocused, and unbalanced this quirky town needs her help and fast. What is she going to do?
With the help of a really "hot" looking chef and a new friend, she just might have what it takes to take care of the town and herself. Rory has to really put herself out there and she is slowly but surely coming into her own. I'm really starting to like this character. She has "moxy" and she's strong. I love strong women.
Heidi Hall has taken the story of Rory Devereaux to another level and given the readers another glimpse into the rest of the story. So far, so good. This is another trilogy, so I will withhold my final commentary on the whole thing until the end. As you know, I have not had much luck with trilogies, but I like what I am reading at this point.