Dawn of the Morningstar (Spellbound Trilogy #3) by Penelope King

Dawn of the Morningstar (Spellbound Trilogy #3) Book Cover Dawn of the Morningstar (Spellbound Trilogy #3)
Penelope King

know how you wait and wait for a book to be released, especially if it
is the last book in a series. You build up in your mind what's going to
happen and how it will end. You're just so excited you're about to
burst. Then when the book finally comes out and you read it and then...nothing. Nada...You're like "That's it!" Complete disappointment. Well, that's exactly how I felt with this book. 
Dawn of the Morningstar
by Penelope King was not the same caliber as the first two books in the
series. At all! The first part of the book was all about Calista and
Nicholas hanging out in their cabin in the woods after she has fled the
scene so to speak. When Nicholas finally convinces her to go back home,
she agrees. However, when she gets there it all falls flat.
is simply no antagonism...no fight...no nothing. Justin comes back.
Calista's visions return. Her empath powers become stronger. She
searches and finds her mom, who rejects her. She stands up to her
grandmother and then goes back to confront her mom for a second time and
get the answers. What did it for me as the fact that Calista convinces
her mom to go back to the family and then it's like all is well. There
should have been a big confrontation scene between Calista's mom and
grandmother and their wasn't. 
book just ended with everyone going to Druantia and the final ring
ceremony. Not exciting. I was completely disappointed. This book was
clearly not as good as the other two. There was little conflict. And the
only excitement for me was when Calista's empathic powers surged just
shortly after returning home and she speaks to her grandmother. Even
when she confronts her mother for the first time, which you would expect
to be the climax, was a let down. 
I think I am going to stop reading trilogies because this was the second one that I read that fell short in the end.