Food Fight: A Holiday Short Story by Christina F. York

Food Fight: A Holiday Short Story Book Cover Food Fight: A Holiday Short Story
Christina F. York

I am all for independent authors publishing their own books. In fact, I will probably do it myself. But would you please learn to format them correctly before you release them. As a writer and editor, I have to format and re-format all the time. I wish there was some consistency in the books I read. It would really be nice. Just saying...
With that said, Food Fight: A Holiday Short Story by Christina F. York is actually pretty funny but it won't hit you until after you've read it and remember those first few years of marriage. Well it won't hit you unless you've been married for awhile, like I've been. Note to all new husbands out there: Never tell your wife "It's not like my mom made." That's really bad juju. In my case, I don't have to worry about ever hearing those words because my hubs usually says, "It's not like how I would make it!"
While I can't imagine losing a gasket over my husband not liking my cooking, I can see how a sensitive newlywed would. The one thing I wouldn't want to do is have a full blown food fight. I hate cleaning! Read this for the pure pleasure of living vicariously through the husband and wife who really let it all go while flinging the food across the room at one another.