Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft (Jane Madison Series) by Mindy Klasky

Girl's Guide to Witchcraft (Jane Madison Series) Book Cover Girl's Guide to Witchcraft (Jane Madison Series)
Mindy Klasky

Since I liked the Mystic Cafe Series, I decided to dig a little deeper into the world of quirky paranormal romance and try another author. Mindy Klasky has created an intriguing and lovable set of characters, especially Jane Madison, her grandmother and her so-called dead mother, Clara,  in the Girl's Guide To Witchcraft.
Jane is a librarian at a small, local DC library that desperately needs more foot traffic. They also don't have a lot of money and have to give Jane a pay cut, but in lieu of that, they give her a place to stay...a dirty, dusty cottage that hasn't been inhabited for years.
With the help of her friend Melissa she moves in and discovers a basement filled with lots and lots of books. Upon closer inspection, she finds them to be all about witchcraft. Hmmm...what has Jane got herself into. Picking up one of the books, she reads a passage only to awaken the cat statue...except he's not a cat, he's a live man now and his name is Neko.
The next thing she knows there's another man at her door and his name is David Montrose and he is tall, dark, handsome and wondering why she has awakened the cat and is using magic, especially since she knows nothing about magic in the first place. The next spell she does causes an unsuspecting co-worker to become smitten with her, but all she really wants is to have is the guy that frequents the reference desk to become her real life boyfriend instead of her imaginary boyfriend or I.B. for short.
Ms. Klasky has managed to to capture my senses and kept me interested. I've found that not only have I learned a bit of history but managed to find an author who's writing I actually like. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series as it appears to heading in a very interesting direction.
Oh, by the way...I won't divulge if Jane ever gets to turn her I.B. into the real thing. But the magic, well...that's definitely real!