Home at Rose Cottage – Three Down The Aisle

Home at Rose Cottage - Three Down The Aisle Book Cover Home at Rose Cottage - Three Down The Aisle

So I began the 52 Weeks, 52 Books year with one of my favorite authors, Sheryl Woods. Yes, she is a romance writer, and the truth is I found her while on traveling on vacation to Oregon a few years ago. I fell in love with the cover picture of one of her books and picked it up (along with two more of hers) and couldn't put it down.
This year I have the wonderful opportunity to read at lunch and during breaks so Home at Rose Cottage gives me the chance to read two novels in one book. The D'Angelo sisters all end up coming home to Grandma's Rose Cottage where they all find solace from their respective love lives.
The first story, Three Down The Aisle, centers around sister Melanie who finally decides it's time to concentrate on her needs for a change. After finding out that her boyfriend, who just so happens to work at the same company she does, has a wife and two kids, Melanie's three sisters convince her to take some time off to heal her heart, figure out what she is going to do next, and fix up the cottage that has been empty and neglected since Grandma passed away seven years ago.
Rose Cottage sits on the banks of the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Stefan "Mike" Mikelewski, local landscape designer, drives passed the place every weekday taking his daughter Jessie to and from school. He is dismayed, and frankly really upset to see the old beauty in such disrepair. On one of these daily trips, Jessie sees something in the window and he decides to go back and investigate. It is then he finds Melanie "tresspassing" on the property.
It is here that Rose Cottage begins to weave her "spell" over the two as they learn to heal their hearts and begin to trust that they will find love again.
I liked this one. It's storyline is relevant to things that are current in today's world. We spend the better part of our day at work and it can be difficult to meet people, let only date. It's natural that we would gravitate to those around us at work for love and companionship. However, we run the risk of getting our hearts broken, especially when we find that one or both parties fail to tell to the truth about themselves. Married or not? Kids or no kids? Are you dating me just so that you can advance in the company or ???
I found this to be a fast read as it got right into the story after a brief prologue. If you've never read Sherryl Woods before, I highly recommend that you read her novels.