Home at Rose Cottage – What’s Cooking?

Home at Rose Cottage - What's Cooking?

Margaret "Maggie" D'Angelo has made so many bad choices when it comes to men. In fact, she thinks she has an addiction, or an attraction. Falling into "something" with world renowned photographer, Rick Flannery, was a very bad idea. Not wanting to compete with the thousands of women who drool over him daily, Maggie decides to hide out at grandma's Rose Cottage until this "thing" wears off.
Little did she know that Rick was feeling the same intense attraction to her. When he found out she left town, he was annoyed and decided he was going to find her...one way or another. Maggie sees Rick as a playboy and he sees her as a conquest...or does he?
While I have never personnally had someone follow me to my hiding place, I do find this somewhat appealing. I also don't have three intrusive and nosy sisters waiting to give me advice every chance they get. But this too holds some appeal. And since this story does revolve around food, I am drawn in even more so.
I like stories that build upon each other and can't wait to read about the other two sisters.