Home for Christmas by Rosalind Noonan

Home for Christmas
Rosalind Noonan

Jo and her cousin Molly have opened up a quaint Christmas Shop right across the street from the Woodstock Inn. Jo's entire family works in this quaint New Hampshire town. Mom and Pop at the Inn, and the brothers in various businesses nearby. The family gets together often especially during the holidays.

In addition to the shop, Jo is raising her daughter Ava and lives with her and Molly in the granny unit behind her parents glorious home. Ave is the daughter of a former skiing superstar who died tragically five years ago. Jo is just finally getting past it when developers come to town and want to buy the Inn.

Jo must figure out a plan fast to save the Inn from turning into a resort that could potentially devastate the town and her family right along with it. Meanwhile she tries to solve another dilemma and that is how she is going to convince an old friend, who has been injured in the war and doesn't want to be seen in public, to be Santa at her Christmas Eve party at the shop.

Home for Christmas by Rosalind Noonan is is just a really sweet story of how love really does conquer all.