Just Perfect by Julie Ortolon

Just Perfect Book Cover Just Perfect
Julie Ortolon
Julie Ortolon
March 19, 2011

the next book of the Perfect Trilogy, Christine Ashton has to get over
her fear of heights. Actually she needs to get over her fear of heights
and a whole lot more. She thinks that by conquering her fear of heights
she will be able to go skiing and finally beat her brother at something
and gain her father's approval.
part of the bet with her college suitemates, she goes to Colorado to
get started on getting past this fear she has had for what seems like
forever. Arriving about a week early, she hires an instructor to help
her out. Enter Alec, the ski bum and he appears to be "perfect"...drat!
Now she needs to refrain from the one thing Christine promised herself
she wouldn't do...date and fall in love with another loser guy with no
prospects for a future. Christine has to keep Alec at bay all the while
conquering her fear of heights, learn to ski really well so that she can
beat her brother at something, and gain her father's respect.
the way, did I mention that Christine is a doctor, just like her dad.
But...well you know where this is going don't you? Well without giving
away the rest of the story, Just Perfect by Julie Ortolon really
examines the issues of the child/parent paradigm without getting too
complicated in the process. Throw in a handsome guy who on the surface
looks like a loser, but really isn't and it makes for a very interesting
and entertaining read.
really like the fact that Ms. Ortolon was not afraid to show
Christine's strength as well as her vulnerabilities. She also slowly
reveals Alec's character true identity as well as both of their
families. Of the three books in the trilogy, I would have to say this
one was my favorite. At the end, I was actually yelling, "You go girl!"
As for the reasons why, well you are just going to have to read and find