Kissing Kelli by Kathy Carmichael

Kissing Kelli Book Cover Kissing Kelli
Kathy Carmichael

Kellie has five sisters and her sister Lori is quite a handful with her accusing "Leave my men alone!" dictums. It's not like Kellie did it on purpose. In fact, this last time she was not interested, but this last guy, Bobby Gray, pursued her. To bad it wasn't for the most sincere of purposes.


Ok, so Bobby Gray is friends with Lori and she had invited him to a party just so she wouldn't have to go alone, but that doesn't mean that Lori can call him her boyfriend. Lori was immature and a brat. Almost a stereotypical sister who has to have whatever she wants and won't let anyone else have it either.


Bobbie Gray will do just about anything to get him out of trouble with his brother. What's it going to take, a kitten? No. A bird? No. How about a horse in desperate need of attention and his dog companion? Well, maybe.


Kellie tried so hard to resist the advances of Bobby Gray. He seemed to be the perfect guy. When she finally agrees to go out to dinner with him and his family, it just seems to be all to perfect. That is until she finds out who the dinner guests are, then the bubble bursts.


I found myself a little annoyed with the sister Lori. She was completely selfish. Bobby Gray reminded me of the classic player; trying to do anything just so he could get his brother off his back. Kelli was the one who tried to please everyone. She reminded me of me a little bit, although I would have kicked Bobby Gray to the curb. Not one of my favorites.