Love Leaps, a short story, by Karen Jerabek

Love Leaps, a short story Book Cover Love Leaps, a short story
Karen Jerabek

Emma is dating Gray and he has just told her that he needs a break. Needs a break! Are you kidding me, such a cliché and Emma totally doesn’t understand. In fact, she is quite devastated and does know how to handle it. She emails her girlfriend, Jessica, who offers her take on things. Then she talks to Roger, a co-worker, and gets the male perspective on the situation.


What follows is the classic phone checking and nail biting habits of a woman who
still can't figure out why her guys needs some space. Do we really do this? (Yes, but how many of us really want to admit that fact!) Then Emma gets a message from a guy whom she hasn't heard from in a long while. Enter Sam. She likes him. She knows he likes her. She hasn't heard a peep out of Gray, so why not? She does...go out with him that is...and now she has to decide which one is for her. You're going to have to read the book to find out, because I am not saying!