Maid for the Billionaire (Legacy Collection, Book 1) by Ruth Cardello

Maid for the Billionaire (Legacy Collection, Book 1) Book Cover Maid for the Billionaire (Legacy Collection, Book 1)
Ruth Cardello

I found out about this book through an email notification I received from about free books for my Kindle. At the time, I was looking for romance novels and came across this one hoping it would be just what I needed to escape from reality for awhile. 

So the story goes that Abigail Dartley takes a cleaning job that her sister should have done, but because she's the responsible one, Abby fills in for her. While working, she meets the owner of the house, Dominic Corisi and her first impression of him is that he "looked more tired than a man of his age should." Then she refers to him as "Mr. Armani." Are you getting the picture yet?

Shaping up to be a cliched romance of huge proportions, I read on and got swept away by the story. It's not a case of opposites attracting but rather two worlds colliding. Dominic is used to getting what he wants no matter what and Abby wants to do the right thing.

An out of the country business trip takes both of them on a journey that neither ever expected. While some of the details were a bit of stretch for reality purposes, let's remember that this is a work of romance fiction. Most of us who read this genre do so purely for the sake of escaping every day life.

I found it a bit refreshing to see Abby not only stand up herself, but show that she really has more to offer the world than what she has had the opportunity to do thus far in her life. Having to make decisions she never had to do before, she went out on a limb and showed some chutzpah, even if it was the exact opposite of what Dominic wanted.

Setting aside the issues with grammar, etc., the story itself was not bad. I liked the fact that it was Book One of ? and ended with the type of cliffhanger that I expected. I look forward to Book Two.