Miss Liz’s Passion

Miss Liz's Passion Book Cover Miss Liz's Passion

Well after the last book, I was truly happy to go back to a simple read. I am catching up with Sherryl Woods again with her book...Miss Liz's Passion. Elizabeth Gentry is a young school teacher who suffers a great loss early in her life. Subsequently, she devotes her life to her students.



One of her students, Kevin, is a young boy in her class who is constantly getting into trouble. She knows there is a problem, so she digs until she finds out what is really wrong. Unfortunately, she has to deal with Todd Lewis, Kevin’s dad who refuses to listen to her.


It takes everything she has to convince Todd that Kevin needs a little help. Once Kevin realizes it is his own shortcomings that are causing Kevin trouble, he agrees to get help, not only for his son but for himself. What Todd wants is Elizabeth, but it is going to take an awful lot to make that happen as she has suffered a great deal and she is afraid to give him her heart.



This is one of those stories that will pull at your heart. Be prepared to read it with a box of tissue.