Must Love Large Dogs by Pat Dale

Must Love Large Dogs Book Cover Must Love Large Dogs
Pat Dale

I chose to go with a theme this time and read a book with an animal on its cover entitled Must Love Large Dogs by Pat Dale.
What a refreshing change of pace to read a story from the perspective of the dog!  Teddy is a Great Pyrenees/Alaskan Malamute and has an eye for the ladies. Well, lady dogs that is and there is one about to permanently turn his head.
Andrea Sharpe, love large dogs and especially Teddy. Unfortunately she lost the love of her life and has been trying to replace him for the last four years. Pour Teddy has been watching as she has paraded...wait for it...eight, yes I said, "eight" different men into the house since Thomas Sharpe was killed in that tragic car crash.
Andrea didn't find Teddy until husband number two, but that doesn't matter because as soon as she saw him, it was love at first sight and they have become inseparable. Andi and Teddy live in a beautiful house in The Hamptons and Theo, or rather Theophiles Kerikades takes care of them. Theo is the resident gardener/chauffeur/fixit guy who happens to love Teddy and I think Andi too!
Andrea is about to throw one of the most prestigious events in The Hamptons but unfortunately she's also just hired the wrong caterer. I won't spill the beans why, but I will say that it is dog fate! When one thing leads to another and then another and then another, it just seems like the dog hi-jinxs will never end.
This is a cute and romantic story on every level. I love dogs, so naturally I was hooked from the first page, especially since Teddy was telling the story. I almost had it figured out too, but then I should have known this was the better way to end it! It's obvious the author has a great affinity for large dogs, so why not write a story with one in it! Must Love Large Dogs by Pat Dale is a short story, but long enough to get the all the details in and tell it without adding any extras that aren't necessary.
There are some truly laughable and realistic moments and I might add, I can actually see some of them happening in real life! Dogs are really smart and as humans, we tend to forget that. It was nice to have Teddy remind us of that!