Pies and Potions (Mystic Cafe Series) by Rose Pressey

Pies and Potions (Mystic Cafe Series) Book Cover Pies and Potions (Mystic Cafe Series)
Rose Pressey

Grandma Imelda has come home for a bit to teach Elly about potions in this next installment of the Mystic Cafe Series, Pies and Potions by Rose Pressey! While Elly may finally feel a bit more comfortable with spell casting, potions are a whole other thing. It's a good thing that she can bake though, because that's where the potions are going!
Things are going so much better for Elly than the last time we met her. And the autumnal equinox is almost upon us when the entire town gets the special annual potion. But there wouldn't be a story and it wouldn't be Elly if all went well. This time, the entire town starts acting a bit loopy! Seriously though...it's not Elly's fault and she has to find out what happened and how to fix it.
Unfortunately she's going to have even less help this time because Tom might be back from the Organization but he's lost his investigator privileges. Now the big boss is on his way with the new protege and it looks like the whole town might be shut down...for good. Oh and let's not forget Rory...he thinks that Tom only has eyes for Elly and feels the need to keep a close eye on him.
Another fun and light book to read. I even enjoyed the bit of extra mystery added to the mix. It kept me on the edge and wanting to read more. Hopefully Ms. Pressey will write book 3 soon so we can find out what
happens to Elly and Rory next!