Poppi the Painter by Olga Kilicci

Poppi the Painter Book Cover Poppi the Painter
Olga Kilicci

This is my first children's book review of the year, and I am very excited to present it to you. Poppi the Painter has decided that the time has finally come for him to move out of his parent's home and into a home of his own in Greyville.


He drove through the colorful countryside and upon his arrival, he found that everyone and everything in town was black, white and grey! And, worst of all, no one seemed happy about it!


When he arrived at his house, he moved in and realized that the place needed a bit of color, so he took out his paint and gave the place a makeover! He was so excited with what he had down, he went outside and continued to give everything he saw some color. He painted well into the night and then went home to a well-deserved sleep.


The next morning when everyone in Greyville woke up, they were all upset to see their world in a whole new light and went to Poppi's house to demand their grey back. This made Poppi very unhappy so he had to show the townspeople what they were missing by not having color in their life.When they actually did, they realized that they liked the color.


I love this story because it shows children that while it is difficult to accept change, we should not close ourselves off from it. We might just actually like the change even better than what things were like before.