Return to Rose Cottage – For The Love Pete

Return to Rose Cottage - For The Love Pete

Youngest sister Jo D'Angelo follows her sisters and heads to Rose Cottage after her life gets turned upside down by her ex-fiance...her lying and cheating ex-fiance. Going to back there is the hardest thing because she'll have to go back and face the man that she once thought was the man for her.
Pete Catlett once thought of Rose Cottage as his second home. Now he's just there to do some repairs and thinks about where his life went all wrong. He made a colossal mistake and lost the only girl he really loved. But now she's back and  maybe he can try and make up for the mistakes of his past.
Everyone makes mistakes, but can two people who were truly meant to be together get beyond one of the most commonest of mistakes a guy can make.
Without saying anything more to give away the story, I must admit that by the end of this series my biggest comment was "Butt out of my life, will you?" It was great to see the younger sister, Jo, finally stand up to her sisters. I don't have any sisters, so I can't relate on that level. However, I know I would be more than slightly peeved if someone walked into my home, unannounced, every single day.
Getting back to the storyline though, I felt that this one was a little bit too predictable. Maybe it was because I read a similar story not that long ago. Who knows? Nevertheless it was a nice ending to the D'Angelo Sister's stories.