Return to Rose Cottage – The Laws of Attraction

Return to Rose Cottage - The Laws of Attraction Book Cover Return to Rose Cottage - The Laws of Attraction

Week three brings me back to Sherryl Woods and the The Rose Cottage Series, Return to Rose Cottage. The Laws of Attraction features the third D'Angelo daughter and oldest sister, oldest sister Ashley.
She's what you would call a classic, high-powered attorney and she has finally burnt out. Sickened by the recent events of her latest trial, she can't imagine ever showing her face again in the legal world. So like her sisters before her, she hears the call of Rose Cottage beckoning to her.
While there, she runs into Josh Madison. And I do mean...runs into him. It's only an accident but it leads to a whole lot more. Josh just so happens to be the neighbor of Melanie and Mike. What Ashley doesn't know is that Josh is just like her...a high-powered attorney. And he is in town doing exactly the same thing she is doing...thinking about what he wants from his life.
The only difference is that he doesn't tell her what he does for a living and when she finds out, she's really unhappy. "How can trust flourish is one lies about something so basic? And without trust, what kind of relationship can we possibly have?" Those words ring true in real life as well. If you can't trust the people around you, the relationship can't possibly stand the test of time.
I found the story to be believable for this very reason. Honesty and trust are very important in any relationship. In fact they are the building blocks of all relationships.