Runaway Christmas by Elizabeth Bass

Runaway Christmas
Elizabeth Bass

Christmas is only a few days away and Erica is not very happy. As far as she is concerned, her family doesn't even notice how unhappy she really is. Aunt Laura is pregnant and not fairing well due to morning sickness while her dad and stepmom are wrapped around her little sister's one year old finger. Yes, Erica doesn't have the holiday spirit at all. So what's a girl to do?

I think the title gives away the whole storyline!

Meanwhile, Heidi just wants to stay home, put on her pajamas, get a glass of wine and catch up on some old movies. But everything doesn't all turn out the way you plan. Heidi ends up dragging home a Christmas Tree given to her by two well meaning police officers. When she gets home she is met by her landlady and dog
who somehow gets tangled up in the tree and causes the landlady to fall and hit her head.

Now, Heidi has to take care of the dog, while the landlady is taken to the hospital. Just when things seem to settle down, another crises ensues and then another and then another until Heidi finds herself back at her cafe with...wait for it...Erica in tow! Yes, young Erica has managed to fly across the country in search of an adventure this Christmas. Unfortunately her family doesn't know about it just yet.

Now through in another snowstorm (gee I think it's snowing all over the country this year!) and you have the perfect holiday read in Runaway Christmas by Elizabeth Bass!