Sending You Sammy by Sarah Butland

Sending You Sammy Book Cover Sending You Sammy
Sarah Butland

For those parents that have a hard time getting their children to eat better, then this is the book to read to them. 
At ten years old, Sammy is the perfect age to show his independence and the fact that he's growing up and making more responsible decisions. For his birthday this year he's asked for fruit instead of the usual junk food at his party. Clearly Sammy isn't a little boy anymore...he's growing up.
To make this fun, the author Sarah Butland adds a unique twist. To help reinforce the story line, she introduces a magician (and what kid doesn't like this!) who offers Sammy the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to be a Superhero! And his name shall be...wait! I'm not going to tell you yet!
What I will tell you is that this is such a great story to share with children on the benefits of making good choices, such as eating healthy fruits and vegetables. There are so many great choices, as Sammy the superhero explains to his friend Jason one evening. Why not make it fun! He's right...there are so many wonderful choices and this story explains it really well, especially in a way that kids will understand.
Ms. Butland takes a difficult topic and makes it fun and relatable! Simple choices, introduced slowly, shows  kids that by exchanging one or two unhealthy junk foods with either a fruit or vegetable will give them more energy and make them feel better. Sending You Sammy makes eating cool! So what's Sammy secret identity? Well he's B...oops! Sorry! You'll just have to read the book!