The Jelly Bean Club Begins by Sally Butler

The Jelly Bean Club Begins Book Cover The Jelly Bean Club Begins
Sally Butler

a fun book for children! I had a wonderful reading experience with this
book. In fact, after the last several books, this was absolutely
The Jelly Bean Club Begins by Sally Butler is a modern Nancy Drew series for young kids to enjoy and develop a love for reading.
an ordinary, normal day, sisters Audrey and Ashley start their day as
detectives, searching for their father's missing tie. After successfully
search, the two sisters head off to school. During class, Audrey's
teacher reads to them from a  along with their friend Julianna start a
club, they find themselves knee deep in a mystery. Of course their
neighborhood schoolmates, start a club too and want in on the fun.
Unfortunately, it's not going to be fun once things start to heat up.
a flyer in the mailbox starts the whole adventure as the girls set out
to find a missing show dog who's owners have offered a hefty reward. The
neighborhood boys don't want to be left out so they follow the girls
who are hot on the trail. They are lead on adventure they never thought
they would encounter. 
is a great book about the importance of teamwork and friendship. All to
often, children feel the effects of peer pressure and succumb to
meanness and spite. While you start to see a little of normal taunting
in the book from the boys, it ends with a really great message.
the story is believable! Why? I have a memory and I remember what it
was like to be in grade school and I seem to recall...Anyway, I highly
recommend this for young readers to introduce them to something other
than a video game. Great story, fast read and I guarantee you'll want to
read the next one!