The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters Book Cover The Weird Sisters

Would you believe I bought The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, a hardback no less, off the shelf at a local bookstore near my work? For those of you that know me, you will understand what a big deal this is as I rarely by new books, much less in hardback. For some reason, this book, with its simple jack cover and title, The Weird Sisters, beckoned me for purchase and to be read. So, I did what it asked and began to read it.

I found myself amidst the story of three sisters who were raised to love reading as much as I do. Their father spoke in Shakespearean prose and their mother was the sweetest person as could be. Two of the three sisters return home and reacquaint themselves with their older sister and the town they left behind. Unfortunately bad news surrounding their mother has brought them all together again. Each of the sisters is hiding something and this couldn’t be a more perfect time for them all to be back. While each must work through their own problems, they must also be strong for their parents.

Since I don’t have a birth sister, I found the book interesting as it explored the intricate relationships of siblings within the female dynamic. Each of the sisters is so completely different it is hard to believe that they came from the same parents. Each needs to learn how to trust themselves and each other to help them through the touch decisions that they must face.
And while we watch them work through their individual problems, it seems that the individuals are almost clichéd stereotypes within the family.

Rosalind, the oldest who is the responsible one;
Bianca – the high rolling business woman wannabe
Cordelia – the free spirit

Overall, I thought the book was good, but nothing stellar.