Too Perfect by Julie Ortolon

Too Perfect Book Cover Too Perfect
Julie Ortolon

In the final book of the Perfect Trilogy, Amy must get over her fear traveling by herself and getting lost. So
to complete the bet made between Maddy, Christine and herself, she
takes a job through her own nanny agency and gets on a boat as a
traveling nanny for three children who are on vacation with their
grandparents. What could possibly go wrong?
To not give away too much of the story, let's just say she gets
stranded on an island with little money, no passport or clothes. Luckily
she gathers herself together long enough to make it to the local travel
agency that helps her with some of her issues. And she finds a sign for
a live-in housekeeper. Well, that should solve her problems for cash.
then the cliches begin. Girl goes to island mansion (in this case it's a
castle), girl meets guy (in this case the assistant to the guy) and
gets job. Assistant to the guy is actually the someone famous, and
ultimately she falls in love with guy. Blah, blah, blah.
the three books in the series, this one is my least favorite. While it
sounds all romantic and all, it seemed to be a little stretch to make
this happen. But, perhaps this is what Ms. Ortolon had intended for this
last book...make it a real fantasy. It was just a little OTT for me.
The only thing that I found to be interesting and the one thing that I
could really make a connection with was Amy's realization that Grandma
was secretly sabotaging her life in every way imaginable, and Amy was
too blind to see it. Oh look! Something plausible and the saving grace
in the entire story.