Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens by Maranda Russell

Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens Book Cover Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens
Maranda Russell

What do you get when you have two abandoned kittens and a little girl named Ashley? Two very lucky rescued kittens whose new owner really loves them! Good thing too, because after
giving them a bath, Ashley realizes there is something really wrong
with Violet. She is a sick little kitty and needs extra attention, and Ashley is just the person to take care of her.After hand-feeding little Violet, she puts both kittens to bed. They
quickly find comfort with each other and fall asleep. The next morning
though, it's pretty clear that Violet is not getting any better. Fortunately for Ashley, her Aunt Linda is a veterinarian with an animal hospital. Unfortunately for Violet, she'll have to stay overnight.
Both of these kittens are very lucky that someone found them, as it is not every day that it will happen. Small, helpless and abandoned animals generally do not survive if left on their own. But thanks to the love of a very special little girl, they have a fighting chance.What a great short story about taking chances. Best of all, Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens by Maranda Russell, teaches children the art of patience. While taking care of any pet is not an easy job, taking care of a sick pet is more difficult. Ashley learned that with a little love and faith,
anything is possible. As adults, we have a responsibility to look out
for our fur-friends and make sure that they all get an opportunity to
enjoy a happy and healthy life.