Weezie, The Elephant with Allergies

Weezie, The Elephant with Allergies Book Cover Weezie, The Elephant with Allergies

I am blessed to have the opportunity to review another truly wonderful children's book this week.
Weezie lives in an orphanage and is very lonely since his friends have left to be with their new families. Plagued with allergies that have really messy outcomes, Weezie hides out in his room because he feels so embarrassed. Will anyone ever want him, sneezes and all? It's not until Mr. Willow shows him a little kindness and understanding that he realizes he is lovable and wanted.
I love this! Weezie, The Elephant with Allergies by Maranda Russell is a delightful book about acceptance. It speaks to my heart on many levels - adoption, loving and accepting yourself as you are and the simple act of kindness to help open your heart to various opportunities.
• Living in an orphanage and trying to present oneself in the best light in order to get adopted is difficult to say the least. I was adopted as a baby so my story never got as far as Weezie’s, but trying to present myself in a positive manner is a daily struggle.
• Learning to love and accept yourself no matter how different you are is not easy. Sometimes you have to wonder if it is worth it or not. When someone loves and accepts you for who you are, then everything else doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
• A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Mr. Willow shows Weezie that even though he is an old, his kindness allows Weezie to realize that he is lovable already and there was nothing wrong with him after all.
This is a great book to share with children early and often. It’s delivers an important message about accepting and embracing your differences. Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same. I highly recommend this book for families and teachers of small children.