Whether those of you who believe it or not, my life really has been one adventure after another. For as long as I can remember, my family and I have traveled the country. Now these trips were seen from the windows of an RV and covered many areas west of the Mississippi. Today, my husband and I still travel the country,  and cover areas west of the Mississippi.

Most of the trips of my childhood were captured on snapshots. I still have to dig thru the box and look at these to see if they can be transferred to digital. Since my marriage, I’ve been able to take many photos digitally, and I am still wading thru most of those as well. I literally have thousands and thousands of photo memories that need to be reviewed.

So where have I been? Here are some of my adventures:

1. Florida – I have been here more times than I can count. My parents took my brother and I here practically every year all through grade school. I even remember spending Christmas there as well. I have a great photo of my brother standing next to a sea lion that was sleeping on the edge of it’s enclosure at Sea World. I really have to find that photo and transfer it to a digital image. It’s one of my favorites!

The last time I was in Florida was with my husband, and the rest of my family for my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. We stopped at Gatorland. My husband really loves the “come see the varmints” attractions. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Plus it was really cool to see the gators up close and personal. It’s been quite awhile since this visit and I am really itching to get back there. Hopefully one day soon…if I can convince the hubs to take the 18 hour trip again!

2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park –  I don’t remember too much of this trip save for the fact that I viewed most of it from the window of my family’s RV. I don’t recall stopping very much. We went through the park pretty early in the day…lots of fog so it was hard to see things. But, I can say that I was there!

3. Hershey, PA – A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise! Enough said!

4. St. Louis Arch – This was an experience. My brother parents and I went up in a tiny, tiny elevator and rode to the top. I, of course, am completely freaked out because I have a tremendous fear of heights, but I really wanted to go the top, so I sucked it up, hung on for dear life and made it to the top. It was really beautiful and I’ll always be glad that I went. I’d like to take the hubs to see it, but not sure if we’ll make it back to that area any time soon.

5. Indianapolis 500 – Every year without fail, we went to the most famous car race around. The boys went to the track and mom and I stayed in the RV and listened to the race on the radio. We always had a good time because this was our time. One year mom and I went to the track and we didn’t have a good time…at all. So we went back to staying in the RV and had lots more fun! Vroom…vroooooommmm!

6. Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks – This place holds one of my most favorite memories…we went here for our honeymoon. It was a belated trip but worth it. One of our first camping experiences inside the park was waking up to snow! It was so cold outside, but we had (and still have) a pair of the best sleeping bags. They kept us toasty warm!

Hannagan Meadow, Arizona

7. Arizona – Since we lived here for 6 years, the hubs and I had the opportunity to travel completely around the state and see just about every square inch. From Tombstone to the Grand Canyon, and Hannagan Meadow to Kingman, I think we’ve seen it all, including every state park and other attraction that you could possibly see. While I was there, I don’t think I appreciate the state enough. But now that we’re in California, I really miss the place.

Pismo Pier, Pismo Beach, CA

8. California – We have lived here for over ten years and are still trying to see everything. There are so many places to see and things to do. My favorite place in all of California is Pismo Beach! The photo at the left is probably my favorite. It’s right at the pier and entrance to the beach area.
Whenever we return to Pismo, I stand out on the pier, take a deep breath, let it out and know that I am home.

9. Oregon – We love the Oregon Coast and fishing along the Rogue River. I think we went to just about every lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. There are so many more places we want to visit, but that will be another trip.

Ni’ihau, Hawai’i

10. Hawaii –  All time favorite place…love the island of Kauai. Can’t say enough great things about Hawaii. We can’t wait to go back! Check out this photo too…this is the secret island of Ni’ihau. No one is allowed there because it is private.I took this photo on a really foggy day when it was just starting to lift. Amazing photo, don’t you think?

I’ve had so many wonderful adventures and hope to have many, many more. And one day soon, I will dig out all those old photos so I can start cataloging them…I promise!
Wishing you moments of great adventure!

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4 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. Those are all great adventures as far as I'm concerned. I enjoy travel and seeing places I've never been. Great job Buddy! ♥

  2. Such a cool post Susan!! It seems you have been on quite a few adventures!! My eyes lit up reading all the places–only because it took me back!

    I grew up in Florida and also grew up travelling the country!! I've been to all the states you listed–but not the same places. Kinda cool!! I wish I could do that with my kids–but that wasn't meant to be–so it appears. If only we had the gas prices my parents had when we were kids–some of that travelling would be possible!! Great post! Cheers, Jenn

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