An Observation: Hitchhikers

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of others. Case in point…hitchhikers.
I am driving home yesterday evening and along the side of the road are two people attempting to hitch a ride to God knows where. This is not the first time I’ve seen this mind you, but what is more troubling is the fact that someone actually picked them up because when I go past the spot again, they are gone.
So a couple of theories as to their whereabouts:
  • The two gave up and went to seek shelter for the night.
  • The police saw them and they were picked up for hitchhiking.
  • Some brave soul actually picked them up and gave them a ride.
The question begs though, why, why, why were they out there in the first place? Were they…
  • Too poor to own a car and pay for gas/insurance and other necessary costs associated with ownership.
  • Homeless and jobless and heading somewhere where they could find jobs and a place to stay. (Note: Heading north is probably not a good idea as the towns get smaller, scarcer and jobs are harder to find due to the rural nature of the landscape north of where I live.)
  • On vacation and decided to hitchhike there way across California in order to save a few bucks.
Perhaps you all could share your thoughts on the subject, but I must say that if I looked dirty, unkept and wore torn clothing, I’m probably not going to stop and pick you up from the side of the road. Besides, haven’t you heard the expression, “Momma always said to never pick up hitchhikers!” Clearly, someone did not heed that warning.
Wishing you moments to make observations!


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6 thoughts on “An Observation: Hitchhikers

  1. So I hitchhiked when I was living in Hawaii. It was pretty common… and it took me awhile to get used to it. I didn't have a car while I was living out there, and public transportation wasn't convenient at times and cabs were ridiculous. So I started hitchhiking…. never alone and I never had an issue. Men, women, young and old picked me up. But the thing is, I never picked anybody up when I had a car rental. It just felt like a bad idea..even when I had my friends in the car with me, I didn't. I think it also had to do with the appearance of the hitchhikers that I would see (they looked scruffy, unkempt etc).
    I am back in NY and I had the urge to pick up a lady that was walking in the blazing sun today. She had a uniform on so she was walking to a bus stop …. I almost picked her up even though she wasn't hitchhiking…. it just felt like the right thing to do because it was so HOT!
    I think with hitchhiking it depends where you are. I would never hitchhike in NY – that's just dumb. But in Hawaii… it was part of the lifestyle there and it was pretty cool. πŸ™‚

  2. When I was living in Hawaii I hitchhiked all the time. I had never done it before but it's so commonplace I eventually gave it a shot when I didn't want to pay the 50 bucks for a cab to get back home. I had just moved there and didn't have a car and sometimes a car rental wasn't convenient – and the bus doesn't go everywhere. So I gave it a shot one day. It was so cool! I was not alone and would never do it alone or with another woman…. there would have to be another guy with me. Men, women, young and old would pick me and my friends up. Creepy people never stopped either… πŸ™‚
    However when I did rent a car I would never pick anybody else up and I think it has to do with the fear that hitchhikers could harm you… but sometimes I regret that. That I didn't return the kindness that was extended to me when I needed a ride. The urge to offer a ride to someone happened to me today actually…. I saw a woman walking to work (she was in a uniform) and I felt so badly that she was walking in the blazing heat. She wasn't hitchhiking and I didn't want to creep her out so I didn't stop… but the notion of hitchhiking is pretty cool in my eyes. It's taking care of your fellow man.. brotherly love… being kind to a complete stranger etc. It's a really awesome concept when you think about it πŸ™‚
    But I would NEVER hitchhike in NY…. Hawaii is a world of it's own I guess hehehe

  3. Wow, it reminds of one time in high school when I hitchhiked with a friend. I went to school in Ft. Lauderdale, so it was a crazy party town particularly in the spring. I'm not building up to a big bad story, more that I was scared to death and did it to be cool with my friend. Never did it again. I guess I learned a lesson that I should listen to my self. Still need to listen 35 years later!

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