Anyone Can Cook

I’ve been spending some much needed time in the kitchen lately for two very good reasons:

  1. I have a new column on food and writing at the and I need to come up with some really good recipes, and 
  2. Because the only way anyone gets better at cooking is to actually do it. 

If I wanted to be completely selfish, I would act all cute and incapable and make my husband do all the cooking. Well, that only works for so long and even he gets tired of being in the kitchen. The truth is that I really don’t have any longevity when it comes to sticking with things in the kitchen. Probably why I haven’t put a whole lot of effort into this page. My mind seems to be constantly racing with ideas these days, so if I don’t force myself to stay here, then I won’t improve my skills. Now all of you are going to benefit from both me and my better half’s kitchen knowledge.

So here I am. And I have been learning a lot!

  1. My husband isn’t the only one that can cook, so can I.
  2. Not all of his recipes are great, (case in point the Apple Cake we attempted to make a few weeks ago. It was a flop…got to work on that one before we release the recipe on that.)
  3. Recipes can be perfected. Which means, you don’t have to follow them to the letter. Experiment and make them your own!
  4. Take your time, there is no hurry when it comes to cooking (or baking!)

The most important thing is to have fun…and remember “Anyone Can Cook”!

Buon appetito!
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P.S I am going to attempt to make Ratatouille…so stayed tuned!

3 thoughts on “Anyone Can Cook

  1. You are right! Anyone can cook. However, if you don't cook with love, the spite, hate, disdain, whatever can be tasted in food. Someone that is a food lover like myself can taste it.

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