BFF 124 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There’s nothing better than a rainbow…except a double rainbow!

I love the sound of the rain. Whenever I hear it, I think about the cleansing and the nourishment it brings. I also think about something else…rainbows.

In the best of conditions, rain showers produce this spectacular phenomenon. Rainbows are mystical, magical and powerful. And, I have to admit, for most of my adult, married life, I have relied on the power of the rainbow to get me through the tough times. They have been my source of inspiration and good luck for a long, long time.
It’s funny. It seemed like every time I saw one, something good would happen shortly thereafter. For awhile there, I saw one practically every day. I even got my husband into the act. He would spot one for me and then point it out so I wouldn’t miss seeing it. A warm feeling washed over me at every siting. I knew that things in my life would turn out great. I believed it.

Then one day, the rainbows vanished.

So did my good luck.

Sadly it was right around the time of  “the big storm”. I yelled out into the raging winds, “Sure, you’re taking everything else away from me. Why not take away the rainbows too!”

I was really being sarcastic because truthfully, at this point, I was beyond p.o.’d with everything. I lost faith in myself and I stopped believing. Unfortunately, “somebody” must have heard me, because the rains continued, and the rainbows, well…they were definitely gone. Gone…for a long…long…while. I honestly didn’t think they were ever going to come back.

I was never more depressed in my whole life. Now what?

“Ok. Deep breathe…relax. Hang on, everything is going to get better. I promise.” I said this mantra over and over, every day, until I started to believe it.

Then one day, my husband yelled up the stairs to me, “Quick, look outside Susan!”

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could without breaking something, put my shoes on, grabbed my camera and flew out the front door.

There it was. My beautiful rainbow…back from wherever it went. A wave a relief washed over me. I snapped photo after photo (see the one above). I jumped up and down like a school girl. I was so happy! I shouted to the world! Even one of the neighbors came out to see…she must have thought I was crazy! I didn’t care. They’re back…they’re back…THEY’RE BACK!

Oh…my…god…it just hit me…like a ton of bricks. Right at that very moment, I had just finally…finally figured it out.

The rainbows came back because I believed in them again. I believed in me…again. I let out a deep breathe and I said a silent “thank you”.

I love rainbows. I always will. Wait…is that rain I hear? I think I’ll get my camera ready…

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