BFF 127 The Wizard of Oz – “There’s No Place Like Home”

The Wizard of Oz evokes so many fond memories for me. I watched it every year as a child. Didn’t everyone? Now as an adult, I am able to watch the movie and see that there is so much more to it.

There is a significant part of this movie that tugs at my heart, and that is Dorothy wanting to go home.

Home. There’s no place like home.

I have had a few homes in my lifetime, probably about ten so far. Some I remember and some that I do not, but there was one that was always the home to me.

This one in particular is near and dear to my heart as it is the one where I spent the most time. It was our family home out in the middle of the country. We had over an acre of land (unheard of these days) and because I was the only daughter, I had my own room. It was my sanctuary. I spent a lot of time in that room listening to music, playing my guitar, watching television and reading. It was my personal space until I was 22. Then I moved out, but I always called it home, even after I was married.

Years later, after I moved to California, my parents called me to tell me they sold the family homestead. I was devastated. I wanted to buy it from them, but I didn’t know how and they had already sold it to someone else by the time they told me. No longer would I be able to sit at the kitchen table and have dinner. No longer would I be able to play pool in the basement. No longer would I be able to look out the window of my bedroom and watch the storms during the rainy season.

My husband had to remind me that the home where I had grown up was no longer my home. And most of all, it hadn’t been my home in a really long time. Wow! That was a revelation. He was right. All these years I had thought of that ranch house on West Road as my home, but it really wasn’t my home anymore.

I have some wonderful memories and pictures of that place. (I really need to transfer them to digital…but that’s a winter project!) However, after ten years and a lot of contemplation later, I am happy to say that I am now comfortable with the fact that my home is with my husband. I don’t know where we will end up, but I have to say, there really is no place like home…as long as I am with him.

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2 thoughts on “BFF 127 The Wizard of Oz – “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Great blog about your home!! I have the same feelings about the house where I grew up. Sadly after my Dad died, it was torn down and a drugstore was erected in it's place. I took it really hard until I realized home is wherever I hang my hat, wherever my stuff is, and wherever my family is. There is no place like home!!!


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