BFF# 133 Talking In Your Sleep

I don’t know how much I talk in my sleep, but my husband says I snore. I do have some weird habits or rituals I need in order to go to sleep.

Let’s see…

• I need the closet doors to be closed. If they are open and I am in bed with the lights still on, I either get out of bed to close them or make the husband do it. Thanks go out to Mike and Sully of Monster’s Inc. for this quirk.

• I like the room to be totally dark. I can’t fall asleep otherwise. My husband thinks it shouldn’t matter since our eyes are closed anyway. But for me…the darkness covers me like a big old blanket.

• I have to sleep with an air purifier. My allergies keep getting worse every year. So, in addition to the allergy medication, I turn on this cleaner and it helps me breathe a bit better.

• When it is really hot out, I need a fan in the window and a Chillow under my back. This ice pack creation has been a lifesaver in more ways than one. (Can anyone say “early menopause”?) With the fan in the window, the bathroom doors need to be open so that the air can be drawn in and through the upstairs and then promptly out the other upstairs bedroom window fan.

• It takes me a while to settle down at night so I have to go to bed first. You’ve seen Ice Age, right? There’s a scene where they are all settling down for the night and Sid the sloth did his usual nightly ritual. The first time I saw it, I shouted out, “That’s me!” Sid was me and I am Sid.


• I’m a nester. I have lots of pillows and blankets wrapped around me. When I roll over, I take it all with me. My husband says he has to hang onto those blankets with a vengeance otherwise he has none. Actually, I could say the same about him!

I occasionally moan, groan, run like a rabbit and cry out when I am having a bad dream, but there hasn’t been too many of those lately. And, I take my half down the middle. When my husband is out of town, I sleep diagonally and sometimes horizontally across the bed. I probably not the best bed partner. But hey! It’s who I am! I’m not about to change any time soon!

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