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I remember the first Thanksgiving after I got married. My husband and I had only been wed for a few months and we had moved 1650 miles from where we used to live. We were all alone, in a new state, working new jobs and excited to have our first Thanksgiving together.

Then my parents called. They were going to be in Las Vegas and were going to drive over to celebrate the holiday with us. I was thrilled to have them visit us in our new home.

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My husband and I worked so hard to get ready and make everything great. But, I could see that when my folks arrived they were not too pleased by where we were living and the amenities available to us. It may not have been a thriving metropolis. We lived up in the mountains in a small town with “limited facilities”. We had a Walmart, K-Mart, grocery store, post office, gas stations and even a place to get the cars serviced. What more could we asked for…except maybe a bigger home. We lived in a single wide mobile home trailer.


The area where we lived survived on the “Ski Bunnies” that came up during the winter. The summers were quiet and relaxing. We experienced the four seasons and for the most part it was nice. We both had jobs and ultimately knew we weren’t going to stay there forever. It just wasn’t what my family had expected or wanted.

©Susan Dusterhoft 2011

My husband went to great lengths to make dinner wonderful, but I could see that it wasn’t up to the “family” standards. I thought it was perfect. Anyway, my parents departed right after dinner and ultimately left town the next day. I was really sad and frustrated about this for a long time.

A lot of years have passed since that First Thanksgiving of my married life. I look back on it now and can only laugh. Things have certainly changed since then. We don’t live in a mobile home anymore. We actually live in a condo. It may be small, but it works and we’re not “underwater” because we rent to enjoy more flexibility in our life.

My husband’s cooking has improved by leaps and bounds. I call him a chef these days, because his food is phenomenal compared to what is produced in most restaurants where we live. So much so that we’re collaborating on a cookbook that I hope to publish.

Our Thanksgiving this year was the best yet. We are both settled in our jobs and have a life we enjoy. The turkey and all the fixings were wonderful. The pictures posted with this blog are of this year’s Thanksgiving feast!

©Susan Dusterhoft 2011

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  1. Makes me wish I could read your parents blog about this day. I often wish that I could do that, not just you of course, but when people talk about their parents being disappointed or hurting because of something a parent said or didn't say…I always want to hear the parents side of the same day. I bet it is much different! ♥

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