BFF #144 Hindsight

Note to self: Read the following the next time something happens in my life that really sucks:

“They say that hindsight is 20/20. The dictionary says hindsight is the recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.

Frankly, I think it is just a worn out expression, and after the last couple of years I’ve had, I really don’t want to hear it anymore. So now that you know what hindsight is, remember this:

If things were really that “clear” to begin with, then none of us would ever have to go through heartache, pain, struggles or anything else considered “bad” or “unnecessary”. But that is life, and it is what it is. (That’s another expression, “it is what it is”. I am so sick of hearing that too! I’ll save that one for another post!)

At this point in my life, the only thing that I can do is take all these “hindsights” and put them to better use, so that I won’t have to go through as much heartache, pain, struggle or anything else that I don’t want to experience. Let’s just consider these as little lessons so that the next time something happens, I won’t have to feel like my whole world is going to implode again.

Got it? Good! Now let’s get going, I have a lot to do! – Susan, December 2011″

Feel free to use this anytime when you need to give yourself a little pep talk!

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One thought on “BFF #144 Hindsight

  1. Susan…this one made me chuckle because it is what it is is one of my fav sayings. lol I say it whenever something is totally out of my control and I can only decide how I am going to react or IF I am going to react. I usually choose not to react at all, if it really is just what it is! Now I'm kinda giggly. I need to go to bed…nite.

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