BlogFEST 2012 – Am I in Charge of My Life?

If you had asked me this a few years ago, I would have dropped my head into my hands and started to cry!

But I think it was because of the last couple of years, that I have finally figured out I am really tired of being shit on and having others play so much of a role in dictating my life. There’s a time where you need to just “$hit or get off the pot.” That time for me is now.

I have very little tolerance for crap these days, and there is only so much of it that you can shovel. Frankly, the only thing that I want to use my shovel for is the dirt in my garden. This old girl has had enough…and she’s not going to take it anymore!

For all the naysayers in my life, this one is for you:

So with a resounding YES. I am in charge of my life and I don’t care what others think or say about it. This old girl has been around the block and now she wants life on her terms. I think a trip to the beach is in order. All I need is a beach towel, a hammock, a Mai Tai and my Kindle and I’ll be all set!

Wishing you moments of being in charge!

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4 thoughts on “BlogFEST 2012 – Am I in Charge of My Life?

  1. Sounds just about perfect! The beach trip, I mean.
    So glad you are in charge, it's the only way to know where the hell you're going!

  2. Today's Working Woman is "not taking any shit no more", as they say in the classics. Great take on the prompt by Susan and I had a good laugh as I read her confident words and imagined her shovel going to work. GO GIRL!

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