BlogFEST 2012 – Cats, Black Cats and Superstitions

I’ve always had a way with the fur people…well, if they are of the dog variety. I had two dogs growing up and always wanted to have one when I got on my own. That hasn’t happened yet…more about that later.

As for cats…let’s just say that me and cats, for the most part, are not the best of friends. I find most of them uppity, unfriendly and on occasion, mean. Except for three cats that have made friends with me. Now those that know me, will find this really funny, but I have to admit these three have a…well let’s just say that they have a certain charm about them. I am especially fond of my new little buddy, a black cat named Trouble. When I met him last Halloween, I thought he was a stray. But then I found out he belonged to one of the neighbors.
I guess you could say he has become my new best friend, as we speak the same language and he seems to understand me. Am I afraid of him…not in the least! He’s so friendly and wants to hang out all the time; so much so that he wants to come in my house. Unfortunately our allergies prevent that from happening…and the fact that the neighbors probably wouldn’t be too happy if  did.
As far as other superstitions…well, since I’ve tapped into my inner
self, I have become more aware of everything around me and I do have a
few quirks that you could say might be because I am a bit superstitious.
While I have no problems walking on cracks, spilling salt, walking
under a ladder or knocking on wood; I cannot have a mirror in my bedroom
and I must have my closet door closed before I go to bed.

All in all…October and Halloween begins my favorite time of year! So hears to all those things that go bump in the night and gives you the chills…but don’t worry, just take out your salt and pour a ring around your bed while you sleep. You’ll be just fine…
Wishing you moments to be superstitious!

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