BlogFEST 2012 – Photo Prompt – Now I’m A What?


“Regardless of who I was, I have changed. I can be who I want, when I want. I’m am my own free per…oops!…lamp. No more being on all the time because I have to be. No sirree! I’ll turn on when I want and shut myself off when I feel like it. I don’t need anyone’s permission either. Hallelujah, I have changed!”

“So without out further ado…I am shutting myself off!”

“Hey! Who turned out the light?”

“Sorry, I am my own free lamp.”

“Yea…well, I’m my own free ocean. So feel free to say hello to the next big wave!”

“I don’t see nothing.”

“You turned yourself off.”


Wishing you moments to change freely!

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